Q1 : What will be the size of the team?

Ans: The team size will be of 3-4 members i.e minimum 3 members and maximum of 4 members.

Q2: Do all members need to be from the same college?

Ans: Yes. It is mandatory that all the member of one group should belong to same college.

Q3 : Do I need to be an experienced programmer?

Ans : Not necessarily. But members on your team should have sufficient programming skills; at least on basic level.

Q4: What languages can we code in?

Ans: C, C++, .NET, Java !!

Q5: What is the last date of registration?

Ans : 9th Feb 2018

Q6: What is the last date of proposal submission?

Ans: 12th Feb 2018.

Q7: What is the last date for submission of Final project?

Ans: 21st March 2018.

Q8: Do we have to prepare any presentation for the project?

Ans: Yes, After submission of the projects, we will evaluate all the projects based on the criteria and select 5 teams. The selected teams will have to prepare themselves for a final presentation in the Grand Finale.

Q9: When is the Grand Finale ?

Ans: 16th Apr 2018. The venue of the final event will be declared shortly.

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